Our Staff

Pastor - Duane Arneson

Pastor Duane Arneson began Cornerstone Ministries in 1980. Coming to faith as an adult, Pastor Duane is a dynamic man of faith with a strong vision for God's kingdom! Pastor was inspired by God to begin a school even before he started Cornerstone Church. His vision to start Cornerstone School was finally fulfilled in 1992.

Principal - Adam Brucklacher

Mr. B began serving in the school as a teacher in January of 2003. In the fall of 2004, Adam began his tenure as the principal where he remains today. Adam has his undergraduate degree in Christian Education from Northwestern College, IA and a master's degree in Theological Studies from Regent University.

Teacher - Aubrey Anderson

Miss Anderson is a former Cornerstone student. In fact, she has the distinction of being our first graduate to start in Kindergarten and go through our entire program! Aubrey graduated with with highest honors with a degree in elementary education from Oral Roberts University and later earned her master's degree in education from Augustana University. She began working with Cornerstone School in the fall of 2017 and is the primary grading teacher for grades 7-8.

Teacher - Randi Brucklacher

Mrs. B began working with Cornerstone as a volunteer for our biology labs in 2005. She became a paid staff member in the fall of 2014. Randi directs our science labs and functions as the grading teacher for students in grades 3 - 6. She earned her degrees in education and biology from Northwestern College, IA.

Teacher - Dawn Griepp

Mrs. Griepp started with the school in 2008. She oversees our lower level classroom (K-4), and she is also the director of our choir and band programs. Dawn earned her degrees in education and music from Augustana University.

Teacher - Elaine Sorenson

Mrs. Sorenson has been with the school since its beginning in 1992. She is the primary grading teacher for our students in grades 9-12. Elaine earned her degrees in education and early childhood development from DSU and SDSU.

Administrator - Trish Johnson

Mrs. Johnson has been a part of Cornerstone Ministries even prior to the school's beginning. Working primarily on the "church side" of the building, she also helps out in multiple ways throughout the school, and oversees the school's finances.

Teacher's Aide - Kim Kristensen

Ms. Kristensen started working with the school as a volunteer. She eventually became a part of our staff in 2016. She works primarily with Mrs. Griepp in the lower lever learning center.