Q: Does your school have a dress code?
Q: What are the tuition costs?
Q: How do I apply and enroll?
A: Call into the school (605-335-7084) and schedule an appointment to meet with us. All applying students need to be at an appointment before acceptance. Out of convenience, you may wish to bring the enrollment forms with you to the appointment. There is a $100 enrollment fee per student.
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Q:Do you follow the Common Core State Standards?

A: No... Inevitably, our standards will have some overlap with Common Core standards simply because we are in the process of educating children. The joy of our system, however, allows us the freedom to meet every student individually. This is a freedom we believe we must maintain! Top-down government oversight is both a burden and a distraction to the overall educational process.

Q: Are you accredited?
A: No... Cornerstone School is firmly against seeking accreditation. Accreditation was created as an administrative mechanism designed to attain uniform education for all children in government schools, a trend that continues to progress today. It was established as a governmental means of causing local public school districts to meet what the state educational agencies determined to be the minimum academic and facility standards for all schools. Accreditation teams, therefore, investigate and approve or disapprove facilities based upon criteria developed by government educational administrators, proving to be a hindrance to a private Christian school with different standards and obviously different objectives.

Accreditation of a private Christian school is not a requirement for students to enroll in a college or university. College and university registrars are far more concerned with nationally standardized tests than the accreditation of their high school. Cornerstone students have consistently thrived in the college setting and have never been been denied acceptance because of Cornerstone's lack of accreditation. For all of these reasons, Cornerstone School does not seek accreditation by any outside educational government institution.

Q: How well do your students perform in college?
A: VERY WELL!!! Most of our graduates decide to attend college. They have always been accepted without problem and have proven to be very successful in their coursework! Several students have decided to go on to graduate level work and have also seen great success. Our computer-based, self-paced, and individualized format trains our students to take ownership of their schoolwork and proves to be extremely beneficial towards a successful university experience.
Q: Do families need to attend the church to attend the school?
A: No... Actually, most of our families attend other churches. We have a healthy variety of denominations represented in our student body. Christian principles taught at the school are based upon the Bible and the strong commonality found in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior!

Q: Are you affiliated with a particular denomination?

A: Cornerstone Church/Cornerstone Ministries is an independent, non-denominational ministry. Cornerstone School promotes cross-denominational relations, and excitedly declares Jesus as our risen Savior and Lord!

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